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Violin & Viola lessons
with Professional Violinist
Amy Serrano.

Amy Serrano Studio by AdrianThePhotograp

Virtual Lesson Reviews

"I wanted to send you a big thank you for the lesson today.  And thank you for being so kind concerning my violin skills.

I have forgotten so much.  You are a very good teacher; very clear, concise and user friendly.  Looking forward to seeing you next week."


Best Regards,

Karen V

"Amy is an awesome violin teacher. She teaches step by step at the student's pace with systematic approach and gives through instructions.

She understands the student's ability to learn violin and develops methodologies easy to understand and gives confidence to learn.

Also, Amy always encourages the students - not to give up."

Adult Student,

Josephine Arun

"Amy is a GREAT teacher and performer. My 14 year old loves working with her. Her lessons are fun and educational.

The way she presents her methods and instructions are easy to follow, and they produce results. The students get it! Not only has my kid's playing improved, she has been more enthusiastic about music since we worked with Amy and used her methodology.

Practicing is no longer a chore!"

Mom of Student,

Lillian Chng

"We chose Amy for our daughters first experience with violin and have been nothing but pleased.

We are stoked to use a book written by her! She’s amazing!!"

Mom of Student,

Rachel berry

"Amy Serrano's method continues to provide motivation and increasingly meaningful progression for my son's musical journey. She lays a thoughtful and pragmatic groundwork for students to confidently explore musical concepts while building a strong, personal understanding of principles. The structure and pace of exercises and pieces not only encourages the student to reflect on musical concepts, but positively challenges them to set goals for personal pacing. I have seen my son's mindset and approach change through Mrs. Serrano's violin method and these thoughtful, considerate, deep-thinking habits have translated to greater strides in other musical avenues (which he has longer pursued) and, more importantly, his level of patience and perception in academic and personal endeavors."

Mom of Student,


Welcome Students!

Serrano Musica Studio provides a safe environment for students to learn at their own pace. Lessons are available for violin, viola, ukulele, mandolin, music theory, song writing, improvisation, and stage performance. Students of all ages and skill levels are welcome. I encourage parent involvement so that the students can succeed both in lessons and home practice. 

Virtual Lessons - 

Lessons are held by the virtual platform of the student's choice. Recordings can be made of any lessons for the student's future practice use. Lessons can be structured or as flexible as the student desires. Free private and group lessons are offered almost every month. 


Lesson materials can include the following and much more: Suzuki Method ~ Essential Elements ~ Fiddle, Country & Bluegrass tunes ~ Irish & Celtic music ~ Disney, Movie Theme Songs, Pop, Rock, R&B, and other Contemporary music ~ Opportunities to Perform ~ Ear Training ~ Tone and Technique ~ Note Reading and Rhythm ~ Improvisation ~ Preparing to play for Orchestral & Chamber Ensembles.

Performance & Recitals -

My students' studio recitals focus on the idea of giving back to the community through music. Recitals are encouraged twice a year and can be held in person or online. Previous recital venues have included the San Diego county fair, senior retirement communities, hospitals, churches and other public locations.


Summer 2016 - San Diego County Fair

Winter 2017 - Casa de las Campanas

Schedule Availability -

Monday through Thursday are my regular teaching days although from time to time I will do make-up lessons on the weekends. Please contact me to inquire about current open lesson times. If we cannot currently find a lesson time that fits your schedule, I can also keep you on my waiting list for when another time opens up.


Lesson Instruction -

Once I understand my student's overall playing goals, I create a monthly and weekly lesson plan to cater to my student.  We might focus half the lesson on repertoire & classical pieces. We may use a method book such as Suzuki, Essential Elements, or the student's current orchestra repertoire. We go over fundamental technique, posture, skill, sight reading, intonation, and repertoire. The other part of the lesson is focused on my student's favorite songs and artists to make each lesson fun! I can also teach improvisation so that students can learn to play with other musicians in a small group or band. Overall, the desired outcomes of your family is discussed so we can tailor the lessons to your student. 


Studio Rates -

My studio operates on a monthly plan and tuition basis. It's generally $120 - $160 for three to four weekly lessons a month. Amount varies depending on how many lessons I'm providing in a month. Paying in advance reserves your time slot from week to week, lowers the hassle of payments, and helps me as the teacher prep for lessons with a larger picture in mind.

Please send me an email if you have any questions or interest at I look forward to hearing from you!!

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